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There are two different ways of doing your conference calls. If you are using a Yealink Handset, then you are limited by design to yourself and two other participants. Not enough you say? Then perhaps the conference

A new Microsoft Outlook update released earlier today has introduced bugs preventing users from creating or viewing emails. If you are running the Click-To-Run desktop version, you might find that you can no longer properly view emails

Notice something a little weird happening to your Autocomplete entries in Outlook? If you have noticed something like the following, then your computer has received an update which has a bug in it. You will notice that

Password policies and best practices have changed. The days of forcing staff to change their passwords regularly are gone. Along with it overly complex passwords that are difficult for people to use. Today though, recommendations for password

Some quick how to tips for your 3CX Phone System. Basic instructions are on this page as a quick reference. If you need more detailed instructions, please follow the links next to the headings. Logging into Handsets

If you have a system setup to use phones configured as Hot Desk phones, then continue reading on. Logging into your Physical Handset With Hot Desk phones, you can log in as your extension on different phones

Firstly, please make sure you are running Mac OS X version 10.10 or later. Open your Mail Client If you don't have any existing accounts in the Mail program, you should see the following screen prompt. If

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Using Direct Send option for Office 365 for Scan to Email. Issues with deliver and how to test You will need to do a telnet test from the client's premises. You will need to telnet to their

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The process is pretty simple, basically the same thing a SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 migration does except some of the steps are manual. With SBS 2008, the migration limit after you transfer the FSMO roles is 21 days,

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In order to perform the following steps, you will be using the 3CX app on your PC/Mac. If you don't have this installed, please follow this guide to install and setup the 3CX app. In addition to