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Setting up VPN client on you Android device

If you would like to be connected to your office using your Android device (The device we are using might be slightly different to the Android version you have), you can do that too. We advise to use the latest release as well just to ensure security is up to scratch.

  1. On your Google Play Store and search for an application called OpenVPN. It will look similar to the following.
  1. Download and install the application. Once you have downloaded it, open the Application.
  1. Click on AGREE to the license agreement.
  1. You can then close the application. Next you will need to log into the User Portal in order to download the VPN configuration file. Browse to the User Portal URL which has been provided to you.
  1. Log into the User Portal using your username, password and Two Factor authentication code.
  1. Once you have logged in, open the Remote Access tab.
  1. You will need to click on the Install button next to the Click here to install the SSL VPN configuration on your Android or iOS device.
  1. After you click on the install, it will prompt to Import the connection in OpenVPN. Select this option. It will open the application and import the configuration. Click on OK to continue.
  1. Make sure you click on the Add button at the top right in order to save the VPN configuration to the application. You can leave everything as is in the Profile Name. You can click on the option to Save Password, however it would be more secure to type it in each time since you will need to enter the 2FA code.
  1. You will now see that it has imported the VPN configuration profile into the application. Next, you will need to connect to it. Toggle the switch next to the VPN Connection, and that will cause it to begin connecting. It should prompt you for a username and password.
  1. You will be prompted to enter your password. Make sure you enter your password plus your Two Factor authentication code. For example, if you password was Larry2Graham and your six digit code was 123123, then you would enter Larry2Graham123123 in the password field.
  1. You may get prompted with Allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connection? Make sure you select the Yes option. Once you have done that, you will see in the status that the VPN is now connected.