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Creating a new Google Account

You can setup a new Google Account using your business email address. In order to start this, browse to the site. On here, you can choose to Create an account. If you click that, you should see something similar to the following

Enter the details, but click the option to use my current email address instead.

Once you have done that, click on Next.

Enter the code to verify the email address and then click on Next to continue.

Please enter all the details above. Once you have done this, please click on Next.

You will get the message now to Verify your phone number. Click on Send.

Once you have received and then entered the verification code, click on Verify.

On the page above, you can choose to enable the additional services. When you are done, click on Yes, I’m in, or click on Skip. In this example I’m choosing to skip.

You will get presented with the Privacy and Terms for the Google Account. Click on I agree to continue.

Please make sure you enable the 2-Step Verification. Once you have completed that, you should now be ready to use the new account for your mobile devices.