Why can't they learn a bit more English? Try as they might, it just doesn't seem to get any better for these guys. Would you really trust this email.

Here is another new Spam email. Another one purporting to be from DHL. Is this legitimate? No it absolutely isn't. A couple of things to note. The attachment is a .img file. A IMG file is something

Aaron Tiainen November 29, 2019 0 Comments

Another example of a fake email. When you look at the email, it is not formed in a very good manner. This type of email is used to gain your email account username and password. Click on

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Today's example of another illegitimate email. Legitimate?? I don't think so. Questions to ask yourself. Have you dealt with this company before? Do you recognise the amount? What about the contact details, perhaps a phone number or

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Here is another example of another junk email purporting to be legitimate. What is deceiving about this one? Firstly, OneDrive isn't going to be sending you a fax. You'd expect that this will be something coming from

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Here is an example of another fake email. How can you tell? Terrible spellingBad grammarHyphenated words that don't need itThe timer will work when you see this letter Nothing really stands out about this email does it?