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Quick Cheat Sheet for 3CX Systems

Some quick how to tips for your 3CX Phone System. Basic instructions are on this page as a quick reference. If you need more detailed instructions, please follow the links next to the headings.

Logging into Handsets (Full Instructions Here)

  1. If your extension is 123, then you need to dial *77*123* and press the Speaker button.
  2. When prompted, enter your voicemail PIN number (Located on your welcome email)
  3. The phone will then configure itself with your extension.

Make a call

  1. Dial the number
  2. For Speaker: press SEND or OK
  3. For Handset: pick up the handset

Answer a call

  1. For Speaker, just press the Speaker or ANSWER key.
  2. For Handset, pick up the handset

End a call

  1. press END CALL or replace the handset

Mute Callers (they can’t hear you)

  1. press MUTE

Hold a Call (neither party can hear)

  1. press HOLD to hold call
  2. press RESUME to pick up call

Park Calls (parks a call so that others can pick up calls)

  1. Press SP0 (or SP1/SP2) to place the call on Shared Parking
  2. You can pickup the call by Pressing SP0 on other handsets

Do Not Disturb (your phone won’t ring)

  1. Press DND

Changing your profile status

If you want to change your profile status, you can use the short codes as follows from your handset

  1. Dial *30 to set your status to Available
  2. Dial *31 to set your status to Away
  3. Dial *32 to set your status to Do Not Disturb
  4. Dial *33 to set your status to Custom 1
  5. Dial *34 to set your status to Custom 2

Transferring Calls

  1. Press TRANSFER
  2. Dial number to transfer to
  3. Press SEND for Attended Transfer (talk to the recipient before transferring)
  4. Press B TRANSFER for Unattended Transfer (puts the caller directly through to the recipient)

Create Conference Calls

  1. Whilst on the First Call, press CONF to open a new line (First person is put on Hold)
  2. Dial the number of the person you want to conference in and press SEND
  3. Once that person Answers, you can talk to that person.  Press CONF again to include them in the Conference
  4. You can add a total of Five participants using this method.