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Setting your Voicemail with 3CX

Aaron Tiainen February 17, 2020 0 Comments

How to quickly update your voicemail greeting

If you are doing this from your iPhone/android app, follow the instructions below

  1. Dial 999 or press the Voice Mail button on your handset. It will ask you to enter person identification number and press # (You personal identification number is on your Welcome to 3CX email, and is called the extension PIN)
  2. Press 9 for options
  3. Press 8 to change the greeting message
  4. To record a new greeting message, press 0. If you want to listen to the current greeting message, press 2.
  5. Follow the prompts to record the message.
  6. When you have finished, press #

Recording your greeting from your handset

  1. Press the voicemail button on your handset, or dial 999 from the key pad on your phone or iPhone/android app.
  2. Please enter your personal identification number, then press #. Your personal identification number is supplied on your welcome email and is usually a four digit number.
  3. Once you are in the main menu, it will tell you how many new messages you have. You can then press the following buttons
    • * to play all messages,
    • 9 for options or,
    • # to exit.
  4. If you go into the options, you can press
    • 1 to change your profile,
    • 3 to dial a number,
    • 4 to delete all read messages,
    • 5 to change your self identification message,
    • 6 for mailbox information,
    • 7 to change your voicemail pin,
    • 8 to change your greeting message,
    • 9 to repeat the prompts and finally,
    • # to exit.
  5. Usually, you would press 8 to change your greeting message, save the settings and be done.

Advanced Voicemail Settings

Alternatively, you can access more voicemail details from the 3CX WebClient. These details will be on your Welcome to 3CX email you received. If you don’t have it, please let us know and we can resent it.

Firstly you will need to log into the site.

When you log in, you will want to look at the menu on the left hand side.

Click on Settings, then Call Forwarding.

So, under the Available status it will show what to do with your unanswered calls. You can control both External and Internal calls and decide what to do with both. So, in this example, I have set the External calls to be forwarded to Extension 700 and Internal calls to be forwarded to an external number.

Now, if you plan on using your different status, like Available, Away and Do Not Disturb, you can record different greetings for each status from the Greetings tab. This is particularly useful if you want to set a greeting whilst on Holiday or out at a Conference or Meeting.

To record your greeting, click on the Record Greeting button. It will call your handset and prompt you to record the greeting. Once you have done this, it will become available in the drop down list (takes about 5 seconds) for selection. Just be aware that the main system extension may already have some options set for the Away status.