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Setting up Microsoft Remote Desktop on iPad/iPhone

Once you have setup your VPN Connection, you will need to connect to your machine in the office. For this you will need to download and configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your iPad.

  1. On your iPad up and log into it.
  1. Open up the App Store.
  1. Search for an app called Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  1. Download and install the application.
  1. Open up the RD Client app.
  1. You will get a number of pop ups. Please ensure you click OK on each.
  1. Click OK for RD Client Would Like to Use Bluetooth.
  1. Click OK for RD Client Would Like to Access the Camera.
  1. Click OK for RD Client Would Like to Access the Microphone.
  1. Click on the + and choose the option to Add PC to the collection.
  1. You will get a new window pop up to enter the details for the PC you want to add.
  1. In the PC Name, put in the name of the computer or the IP Address that we have provided to you. In the Friend Name, enter something like My Office Computer or the Computer Name if you connect to several different machines. You will not need to change any of the other settings in order to connect. Now, scroll down the settings a little.
  1. Sometimes you will need to set the Gateway settings, but this will only need to be done if we provide you that information. As for the other settings, we do not need to make any more changes to them. Click on the Save text up the top right of the window to save the settings.
  1. You should now see a new computer connection called My Office Computer. To connect to this, make sure you have connected your VPN connection first, and then tap on the computer to connect to it.
  1. You should see a window like to one above in which it will attempt to connect to the machine. You will be prompted for your credentials to connect. Please make sure to enter your username and password for the machine.