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Setting up 3CX on your Android

Should you need to setup your 3CX extension on your handset, contact your phone system administrator first and get the extension provisioned for remote access, and also request a new Welcome email message. Then, if you have an Android Device, follow the 8 steps below to set it up.

  1. On your Android, search for 3CX in the Play Store. Once you have found it, install the application.
  1. Don’t open the application as yet. For the next part, your phone system administrator should have sent you a Welcome to 3CX! email message as shown below.
  1. When you are reading the email, you should be able to see the attachments at the top of the email. Look for the .3cxconfig attachment and open it.
  1. Click on AGREE to accept the license agreement.
  1. You may get a pop up to CALL ECHO SERVICE. This will test to ensure it is working as it should.
  1. Click on Allow to Allow 3CX to make and manage phone calls.
  1. Click on Allow to Allow 3CX to record audio
  1. Once done, you should see the 3CX application as above and be able to make and receive calls.