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How to stop 3CX ringing your iPhone app

If you have your 3CX setup on your iPhone, you will find that it will ring when you office extension rings. If you want to stop this behavior, this is what you need to do.

  1. Open the 3CX client on your iPhone.
  1. Click on the menu (Next to the 3CX logo at the top).
  1. Tap on the Settings menu.
  1. Tap on accounts.
  1. You should see the list of accounts which are setup on your 3CX app. Tap on the square box to clear it.
  1. Once you have done this, click on the Keypad icon at the bottom.
  1. This will get you back to the main screen. Once this is done, you have effectively stopped your app from registering on the phone system and the calls will no longer come to your phone.

To get the account working again, simply follow the above steps but make sure to enable the account by making sure the account is selected.

If you find that it is a bit time consuming to do this, it is possible to setup an extension just for your mobile device. This would make sure that if you want to be contactable outside of the office without having to disable your account, then the staff could ring a different extension. If you want some more detail with this, please let us know.