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Call forwarding with 3CX

Aaron Tiainen September 8, 2020 0 Comments

In order to perform the following steps, you will be using the 3CX app on your PC/Mac. If you don’t have this installed, please follow this guide to install and setup the 3CX app. In addition to the 3CX app, you can also use the following to modify your call forwarding rules

  • 3CX Mobile Client (iPhone or Android)
  • 3CX Web Client

From within the 3CX app you can choose to forward your calls to mobile, another extension or even an outside number. From within the 3CX app, click on the gears icon (settings) on the bottom left of the window.

You should see the following window pop up.

Next, click on the Call Forwarding menu item.

For most users, you will need to click on the Available option. This is for when your extension is in the normal status.

Once you are in here you can change the settings. In the box for Unanswered Calls you can change what to do with External Calls (Forward To:) and Internal Calls (Forward Internal Calls to:).

You can pick to send your calls to Voicemail, another Extension, Mobile Number or an External Number. The System Extension will let you forward the calls to a Ring Group or Call Queue and the Send Busy will send a busy tone. If you tick the box labelled Also Ring my Mobile, all calls will also go to your mobile (both internal and external) as well as your office extension.