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2-Factor Authentication setup with Sophos UTM

  1. On your Mobile Device, open up the App Store / Play Store.
  2. Search for an install the application called Sophos Authenticator which can be identified by the icon below.
  1. On your computer, go to the Client Portal (A) website which we have provided to you.
  2. Enter in your login details that you would usually use. If you are unsure, please check with us. This could be your login name, e.g. AAllo, or an email address for your username and same password that you would log into the network with.
  1. The first time you log in, you will get presented with a QR code. Don’t close this page, it is important to keep this.
  1. On your mobile phone, open the Sophos Authenticator app and select the option to Scan QR Code.
  2. Point your phones camera to the screen to capture the QR image. The app will automatically see the code and then apply the settings.
  3. Once this is done, you will see a six digit code with a timer on your mobile device. Once this has been done, click on the Continue with Login button.
  4. Once this has been done you can test your login to ensure the 2FA code is working. To login, your username will be your email address, and the password will be your usual password and the six digit code. For example, if you password was Larry2Graham and your six digit code was 123123, then you would enter Larry2Graham123123 in the password field.
  1. One you have confirm this works, this indicates that your two factor Authentication has been configured correctly.