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The term Cloud Computing is a very common term used these days. What is it? What do Network Alliance offer in the fast emerging world of "Cloud Computing?".

Cloud computing

is a term which is becoming more widely used these days. As a firm, you need to consider this as an option when looking into the future. There can be some benefits and also some disadvantages. In simple terms, cloud computer essentially means you have no server equipment on site. All you servers are hosted in a cloud environment which is physically located somewhere else.

Cloud software is software provided by a vendor which allows you access from any pc, anywhere in the world. True cloud based software is delivered by a Web Browser. This means it is completely hardware independent. There are some hybrid cloud software solutions which requires some software to be installed locally as well as having connections to the web.

In a network environment you need to consider if the cloud will benefit you. In most cases it will be advantageous in the short term due to a lower start-up cost. It will ensure that you have all the newest versions of server system and office software. If you are a firm which doesn’t have a high turnover of equipment and don’t constantly update software, then it might not be for you. Talk to us today and we will help you understand the cloud.